My grandmother introduced me to cooking as a child. She let me stand on a chair, right beside her, as she cooked and baked delicious pies, cookies and cakes-- especially teacakes. My grandfather took over lessons when I was an adolescent. He worked for a meat packing company but had been raised on a farm. He introduced me to cooking and seasoning exotic animals on an old steel drum barrel that had been converted into an outdoor grill. 


I took every opportunity to learn that old grill.


As an adult, I got involved in cooking contests. The more I attended, the more I realized that I could compete, as well. I started competing and learned of an actual barbecue circuit that had cook-offs in almost every state. I partnered with a co-worker named Grover Jackson, who was the former owner of several "Grover's Smokehouse" restaurants in Wichita and Topeka, Kansas. He also taught me a thing or two about mixing spices to achieve certain flavors. 


I eventually broke out on my own, putting together my version of spices, rubs and sauces. I began experimenting with flavor combinations that appealed to people all over the country and used their feedback to adjust and perfect my blends. 


Today, I'm still on the circuit competing with a team that includes my wife, Cathy, and good friend, Dale Johnson. Among our proudest accomplishments: receiving awards for Brewer's Best Bar-B-Que Sauce at the American Royal, the largest sanctioned barbecue contest in the world. 


From my grandparents' kitchens to competitions to store shelves, I'm pleased to present our best to you.


Carl Brewer

Founder, Brewer's Best Bar-B-Que


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